North of Lagos

My freshman year at University of Wisconsin-Madison, I enrolled in a class that would change my life forever: Yorùbá 101. Knowing nothing besides the fact that Yoruba was one of the three dominant languages in Nigeria, I dove straight into learning with determination to become fluent so that I could return to Africa as a competent traveler. Three years and many hours of class later, I went to live in Ibadan, a big city just north of Nigeria’s metropolis, Lagos. Already fluent in Yorùbá from the excellent program at UW-Madison, I spent a year in Nigeria continuing to study the language, journalism (my major) and writing a blog called North of Lagos. The blog and the videos that accompanied it became widely popular amongst Nigerians in the diaspora. I became widely known by my Yoruba name, Titilayo, with a surname of Oyinbo meaning “White Person”. As Titilayo Oyinbo (Titi Oyinbo for short) I have reported on the 2011 Nigerian Elections, been interviewed for talk shows in Brooklyn, and emceed Yoruba conventions in Michigan.